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Formerly known as Aircell, Gogo® has quickly become the world’s leading provider of inflight connectivity, and has revolutionized travel with our unique brand of exclusive in-air experiences. It all began in 1991 at a barbecue joint in Denison, Texas, where company founder Jimmy Ray sketched onto a paper napkin his visionary idea for a telephone system on aircraft. As a result of this eureka moment, Gogo became the only company authorized by the FCC and FAA to use cellular frequencies for in-flight communication.

Since then, we’ve set a new standard for innovation. Our exclusive FCC frequency license, awarded in 2006, brought with it daunting challenges of design, patent, and deployment. Yet in less than two years’ time, we captured the world’s attention with the power of our proprietary Air-To-Ground broadband network – one tailor-made for in-air connectivity.

In 2008, Gogo made its stunning debut on a commercial aircraft, bringing robust Internet access to the skies and transforming the commercial air experience for modern travelers. Coast to coast, border to border, Gogo delivered broadband coverage to a place it had never been: 30,000 feet above the earth’s surface.

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