Gogo Now Available on Nearly All Alaska Airlines Planes
Jun 1, 2011

CHICAGO - June 1, 2011 - Gogo® Inflight Internet service is now available on nearly all of Alaska Airlines' fleet. WHen the installtion of the service is completed this month, Alaska's fleet will be more than 92 percent Wi-Fi equipped, including all of its 737-400s and -900 aircraft flying predominanyly longer routes. Only seven of the airlines' 117 Boeing 737s do not offer Wi-Fi, including its frieghter and combi (part-passenger/part-frieght) aircraft and three leased 737-400s.

“What we’ve found with most passengers is they want ubiquity in service. They want to know that whatever plane they fly will have Gogo service. We are excited to work with Alaska Airlines towards achieving that goal,” said Ash ElDifrawi, Aircell’s chief marketing officer. “Having Gogo up and running on more than 92 percent of Alaska Airlines’ fleet will help assure that nearly all of their passengers will be able to stay connected to life in air.”

"We're pleased to be able to offer in-flight Wi-Fi service to our customers flying throughout our U.S. mainland and Alaska route network," said Joe Sprague, the airline's vice president of marketing. "For our business travelers, especially, the ability to access e-mail and the Internet is a great benefit."

To help celebrate, customers traveling on Wi-Fi-equipped Alaska Airline planes can enjoy complimentary access to Facebook throughout the month of June.

Using Gogo, Alaska Airlines passengers with Wi-Fi-enabled devices can browse the Web; access online music, games, podcasts and webcasts; send and receive e-mail; and connect to virtual private networks while flying. The easy-to-use service provides passengers with full Internet access on any Wi-Fi-equipped laptop or personal electronic device at speeds similar to wireless mobile broadband services on the ground. Gogo is available for $4.95 and up, based on length of flight and device used. Gogo also offers 24-hour inflight Wi-Fi passes and monthly subscriptions.

Alaska Airline Aircraft equipped with in-flight Internet service have a Wi-Fi symbol located outside the aircraft's boarding door and information in seatback pockets. Gogo is available above 10,000 feet, following an announcement approving the use of portable electronic devices.

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group (NYSE: ALK), together serve 90 cities throughout Alaska, the Lower 48, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.

About Gogo
Gogo®, powered by Aircell, turns a commercial airplane into a Wi-Fi hotspot with true inflight Internet access. Passengers with Wi-Fi-enabled devices — such as laptops, smartphones and PDAs — can surf the Web, check e-mail, instant message, access a corporate VPN and more. For more information about Gogo, visit gogoinflight.com. You can also follow "gogoInflight" on Twitter (www.twitter.com/gogoinflight) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/gogoinflight).

About Aircell
Aircell® is the world's leading provider of inflight connectivity. As winner of an exclusive FCC frequency license in 2006, Aircell has built a revolutionary mobile broadband network for commercial and business aviation. In 2008, Aircell revolutionized the commercial airline passenger flight experience by delivering Gogo®, a robust Internet experience at 35,000 feet. In addition, the Aircell Network provides airlines with connectivity to operations and a path to enhanced cabin services such as video, audio, television and more. A similar feature set is available to business aircraft operators. Aircell has facilities in Broomfield, Colorado, and Itasca, Illinois. Aircell's vision is to give everyone the ability to stay in touch, in flight®. For more information about Aircell, please visit www.aircell.com.
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