Buy Before You Fly and Save: Gogo Unlimited Monthly Subscription Now Available for Purchase at
Jun 28, 2010

ITASCA, Ill., June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for the busy summer travel season, Aircell, the world's leading provider of inflight connectivity, has introduced a new way to purchase before flying, making it easier than ever to stay connected at 30,000 feet. Providing the best value for travelers who want to stay connected when they fly on any of the nearly 1,000 Gogo-equipped aircraft, Gogo Unlimited monthly subscription can be purchased on the ground at To kick off this convenient new option, if you start your Gogo Unlimited monthly subscription at, Aircell is offering the first month for only $19.95, more than a 40% discount from the normal $34.95 price.

"Frequent flyers love Gogo Unlimited as a single pass providing a seamless way to stay connected across all Gogo equipped airlines. Now, this product can be purchased right from home or via a mobile device before you even get to the airport," explained Michael Small, Aircell's President and CEO.

Gogo Unlimited monthly subscription was introduced in April 2010, providing travelers with monthly unlimited Internet using any Wi-Fi enabled device on all Gogo-equipped flights. The monthly subscription starts immediately and renews automatically, and can be cancelled at any time. Aircell's goal is to offer airline passengers a wide range of pricing options. In addition to Gogo Unlimited, Aircell will continue to offer Gogo passes for single flight segments, which start at $4.95.

Gogo is currently available on all AirTran Airways and Virgin America flights and on select Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways and United Airlines flights.

About Aircell

Aircell® is the world's leading provider of airborne communications. As winner of an exclusive FCC frequency license in 2006, Aircell has built a revolutionary mobile broadband network for commercial and business aviation. In 2008, the Aircell Network and its inflight portal, Gogo®, revolutionized the commercial airline passenger flight experience by delivering a robust Internet experience at 35,000 feet. In addition, the Aircell Network provides airlines with connectivity to operations and a path to enhanced cabin services such as video, audio, television and more. A similar feature set is available to Business aircraft operators. Aircell has facilities in Broomfield, Colorado, and Itasca, Illinois. Aircell's vision is to give everyone the ability to stay in touch, in flight®. For more information about Aircell, please visit

About Gogo

Gogo®, powered by Aircell, turns a commercial airplane into a Wi-Fi hotspot with true inflight Internet access. Passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptops, smartphones and PDAs, can surf the Web, check e-mail, instant message, access a corporate VPN and more. For more information about Gogo, please visit You can also follow 'gogoInflight' on Twitter ( and Facebook (

© 2010 Aircell LLC. Aircell, Gogo and in touch, in flight are trademarks of Aircell or its affiliates. All rights reserved.


Andrea Davidoff


SOURCE Aircell

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